Occupational Medicine & Fit-For-Work Services

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About Company Clinic

Reduce injuries & enjoy a better safety record

We are a well-equipped, professionally staffed occupational medicine provider that understands the importance of reducing work related injuries. Work place safety will be enhanced when you use our pre-employment services to make sure that your potential employee is actually fit for the task at hand.


• Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
• Nurse Practitioners
• DOT-Certified Urine Drug Screen Collectors
• DOT-Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians
• Hair Test Collectors
• DOT-Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist

Eliminate Expensive Worker’s Comp Claims

By using our muscular & skeletal evaluations to identify pre-existing injuries:
• Pre-existing Back Problems
• Pre-existing Neck Injuries
• Other Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Excellent Patient Care & Worker’s Comp Insurance Modifier


Company Clinic of Louisiana wants to protect your business and its employees. We provide excellent employee care, while always considering how it impacts your comp. rates. By our conservative practice of medicine, we reduce the employer’s exposure to medical accidents and recordable injuries.


Safety Managers & HR Managers are concerned about business insurance comp. rates. We know how stressful this component of your job is, and we work directly with employers to meet their goals for work-related health standards. We provide personal 1-on-1 care for all affected employees.

MEET OUR Medical Director

Timothy W. Talbert, M.D.

Specializing in general orthopaedic care for more than 10 years. Orthopaedic surgery practice with emphasis on hip and knee reconstructive surgery, and shoulder & knee arthroscopy. General fracture care, sports injury and basic hand & foot pathology. Affiliations with Highland Hospital and Minden Medical Center. Dr. Talbert has been a Clinical Professor of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Louisiana State University Health and Sciences Center teaching Orthopaedic residents hip & knee replacements since 2003.