spirometry & pulmonary function testing

On-site Pulmonary Function & Spirometry Testing (PFTs)

What is Pulmonary Function & Spirometry Testing?

Protecting your company and its employees.

What if you could prevent workplace incidents before they occurred? Well luckily for you, many OSHA required tests do just that! PFTs help assess a prospective employee’s ability to handle the tasks you set out for them. 

Pulmonary Function and Spirometry tests are used to evaluate worker respiratory health in medical surveillance programs and to screen workers for their ability to perform certain tasks. Spirometry results can play a central role in decisions about worker job assignments and personal protective equipment, and in the assessment of exposure-related health effects.

Pulmonary Function & Spirometry Testing

Three factors work together to produce accurate, meaningful test results: (1) the technician should be well-trained, supervised, and skilled to coach the worker to record optimal test results; (2) the spirometer should be accurate; and (3) the worker should perform with maximal effort and cooperation. 

Inhalation of some dusts, gases, or other air contaminants in your workplace as well as some personal exposures, such as cigarette smoking, can harm your lungs. Spirometry testing (a type of pulmonary or lung function test) may identify breathing problems early, which may prevent more serious problems. Spirometry testing is re­quired for some workers by OSHA standards. 

Spirometry testing may be performed on workers who are required to perform job tasks that are physically demanding, require wearing a respira­tor, or cause exposure to certain possible breath­ing hazards. Workers who show signs of breathing problems may also be tested. Depending on your situation, you may be asked to take the test every 6 months to 3 years.

Why is Pulmonary Function & Spirometry Testing Important?

The easiest answer is because these are basic OSHA regulations. It’s the law to protect your employees from harmful situations. OSHA requires regular testing and pre-employment testing to ensure not only your employee’s protection but to protect management from expensive workers’ compensation claims. Prevention is a safe bet that benefits you and your employee.  Click here to read more.

We make prevention and protection easy!

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