Audiograms • Hearing conservation • Audiometry

On-site Audiograms (Audiometry Testing) & Hearing Conservation Tests

What is an Audiogram/Audiometry?

How can they help promote hearing conservation?

Did you know one of the most common workplace ailments has to do with hearing? Loud noises, especially those related to industrial, construction, and manufacturing jobs, put a lot of strain on workers. Depending on the intensity and time exposed to such noises, employees can experience permanent and temporary hearing loss as well as other related health issues.

Audiograms and Audiometric Testing

As an employer, it is important to provide employees exposed to loud noises a baseline audiogram that acts as the foundation for long term protection and hearing conservation. Utilizing regular hearing conservation tests and audiograms, employers can teach their employees about the health and safety risks associated with the job at hand if proper procedures aren’t followed.

Why is hearing conservation testing important?

The easiest answer is because these are basic OSHA regulations. It’s the law to protect your employees from harmful situations. OSHA requires regular testing and pre-employment testing to ensure not only your employee’s protection but to protect management from expensive workers’ compensation claims. Click here to read more about what these regulations are.

We make prevention and protection easy!

We understand the needs of our Shreveport-Bossier City patients. We provide a mobile/on-site clinic that eliminates travel time for you and your employees. With our mobile/on-site clinic, we can perform the same great services in a more convenient location. We provide: On-site Drug Testing Screenings, On-site Breath Alcohol Testing & Screening, On-site Audiograms (on-site hearing testing & conservation), On-site Pulmonary Function Tests, On-site Mask & P.T. Tests, and On-site Respirator Fit-Tests.

The Company Clinic of Louisiana is a well-equipped, professionally staffed occupational medicine provider in the Shreveport Bossier City area that understands the importance of reducing work-related injuries. We strive to provide work injury prevention to employees all across the Ark-La-Tex!