Qualitative & Quantitative

On-site Respirator Fit Tests

What is a Respirator Fit Test?

How something so easy, makes a huge impact.

A respirator mask may seem easy enough to manage on its own, but all of the handling processes have extensive room for error. Cleaning, maintaining, and even wearing your mask opens up possibilities for misuse, thereby eliminating the respirators ability to protect the wearer. 

OSHA Approved Respirator Fit Tests

As an employer, it is important to provide employees exposed to harmful substances with proper testing. A Respirator Fit Test Is exactly what it sounds like. A professional checks the mask and its seal to the employee’s face to make sure it fits correctly and leaves no room for error. These checks need to be done before the mask is needed and then annually by OSHA regulations. This test is easy and can be performed in as little at 15 minutes.

Qualitative Respirator Fit Tests: Pass/Fail test. These tests use the wearer’s senses to detect leaks. They are more common for half-mask respirators

Quantitative Respirator Fit Tests: Can be used for any tight-fitting respirator. Uses a machine to detect any leakage. 

Employees and employers should also be aware that another test is needed if the wearer undergoes dental surgery, facial surgery, weight gain, and or facial scarring. These may seem like hefty precautions, but preventing injury and workers’ compensation claims before they occur is in everyone’s best interest. Utilizing regular respirator fit tests (including a manually performed test by the wearer each time they put the mask on), employers can teach their employees about the health and safety risks associated with the job at hand if proper procedures aren’t followed.

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