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BTE’s affordable pricing and professional testing services are the international language for premiere physical evaluation, early intervention, and therapeutic rehabilitation outcomes. Today BTE produces a full product line of offerings, addressing different therapeutic and evaluative needs. We use BTE Tech to help employers take better care of their employees through the world’s most effective Prevention, Recovery, and Return to Work services to ultimately reduce workers comp. injuries and claims and preserve your safety record.

affordable pricing and testing


safety record

Reduces Workers' Comp by 90%

“Before BTE, we had a work screen process, but it wasn’t much of a screen,” says Bob Lambert, Senior Manager of Environmental, Health and Safety for Post Consumer Brands…”

bte professional testing services

Injury Rate Lowered to 1%

“The facility manufactures seven days a week, making multiple daily shipments to meet demand.  of the 1100 employees have worked there for more than 40 years and say it’s a family atmosphere. Employee health and safety is a top priority.”

workers compensation injuries

Reduces Workers' Comp by 92%

” [In] 2006, Harley-Davidson manufacturing facilities were seeing alarmingly high injury rates and spending millions in workers’ compensation claims. To address this issue…”

safety record

Post-Offer Employment Testing

“BTE Technologies, Inc. has been providing POET testing in the United States and Canada since the late 1990’s and we have exceeded 250,000 tests completed (designed and validated by BTE and administered using BTE equipment)…”

BTE Tech makes good companies great

Your employees are worth it. Maintain a healthy workforce, minimize the impact of injuries through early intervention.

BTE equipment helps people live better lives

State-of-the-art equipment helps you treat & train your clients with a more engaging and efficient rehab experience

Our processes generate positive outcomes

We’re passionate about human physical performance and generating positive outcomes for businesses worldwide

Post-Offer Employment Testing

Avoid lost time claims and reduce costly turnover with the BTE Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET). It’s the most objective, legally compliant physical abilities testing available for screening new hire candidates. It’s the only testing program on the market that gives you reliable outcomes and ongoing decision support, helping you make sure you don’t hire your next injury!