The Importance of Care in our Local Businesses

The Importance of Care in our Local Businesses

If you’ve worked in the manufacturing, construction, or just general workforce, this might sound familiar. Someone forgets to set out the wet floor sign, and you slip. Someone drops a tool that is instrumental to the job and it hits you. You decide to lift without bending your knees and as a result, your back is aching beyond words. We’ve all been there, seen it happen or heard stories of the dreaded workplace injury and eventual workers’ compensation claims. But what comes next besides the immediate drug screening to ensure that the employee is not in any way to blame for this event? Hopefully taking action to prevent workplace injuries in the first place and implementing fit-for-work testing so employees and management benefit from a safe working environment.

Mobile Clinics

This scenario now comes with a refreshing option due to a growing trend that is coming about nationwide and in the Shreveport-Bossier Area. This new option is called Mobile On-Site clinics. A convenient way to make sure health is a priority for your company.

According to the National Association of Worksite Healthcare Centers, these have been around as early as the 1930s, read more here and here. What started as a simple first aid provider for workplace injuries has turned into an on-location service that seeks to provide quick and affordable on-site mobile services catered to businesses who care about workplace safety. Some of the on-site services include: Respirator Fit-Tests, Pulmonary Function Tests, Breath Alcohol Screening/Testing, Drug Testing/Screening, Pre-Employment Services, and Audiograms (hearing testing & conservation).

on-site clinics save you money!

Your employees should not have to squeeze a rushed doctors visit into their lunch break. They should know that there’s need to rush leaving the workplace to ensure their well-being because management holds health as a top priority. Programs such as these provide professional testing services at affordable prices. Companies such as Facebook, Lockheed Martin, Apple, and Google have instituted these fit-for-work clinics as well as including occupational med services.

Company clinic of Louisiana - Near You

Now thanks to Company Clinic of Louisiana, the Shreveport-Bossier workforce has these services available to our oilfield workers, manufacturing plants, railroad workers, trucking companies, refineries, chemical plants, transportation companies, construction workers and so many others. The staff of Company Clinic of Louisiana looks forward to serving you and your employees!

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